About Us


We met years ago when we were fresh university graduates and in our first jobs. Ee Waun was a food writer with a Singapore magazine and Elaine was a public relations executive at a luxury hotel. We became firm friends, and have gone through plenty together — the fun, the sad, the life-changing and the silly. Twenty-six years later, married with kids of our own, and on the cusp of peri-menopause (but in denial and still feeling like 23), Elaine is now based in Hong Kong, while EW is in Singapore — still a food writer for magazines here. We share this blog as a joint hobby, writing about food, travel, family/kids, and other miscellany that strike us as interesting. (What always amazes us is that while we are living in different countries, we can still work or play on the same canvas.) Some of the content are based on our own experiences, while others are based on information we receive and which we think are worth sharing.

It’s been a meandering journey with Simply Fabulicious (sometimes not so fabulicious, we admit) but an enjoyable one, together with our happy little community on Facebook. Come join us for the ride.

Link up with us here if you are also on wordpress, or on our other social media platforms:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/simplyfabulicious
Instagram: @simplyfabulicious
Twitter: @simplyfabteam

Oh yes! One more thing….

SimplyFab is a hobby blog and is not monetised. The content in SimplyFab is based on our own experiences, while some posts may be based on information from press releases we receive. Unlike some blogs, we do not ‘cut and paste’ swathes of text from releases and pretend it is ours. We have a healthy respect for integrity, and our own ability to string words together.

We are not paid to review restaurants or products, and we do not accept travel junkets or complimentary hotel stays (though, for those who have asked, thank you for inviting us; we appreciate the thought). All first-hand travel stories within are personal trips we have paid for. As for food reviews, we generally do not offer bad ones, only because if we don’t think it’s good, we won’t write about it. Life’s too short to spend bitching, or eating bad food.

For those who have information you think is positively scintillating, feel free to send your news and press releases to us at simplyfabulicious@gmail.com Anything about travel, food, and family would be great. If we think it’s as fascinating as you do, we may just write about it. Thanks!


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