A Happy Ever After in San Junipero

If you could choose your own version of an afterlife, what would that be?

Of all the fascinating episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix, the one that left the deepest impression on me was Season 3, Episode 4’s San Junipero, a fictional place that is completely computer-created – an afterlife that elderly people can upload their consciousness to for five hours a week while they’re still alive, and permanently after death.

The story centres around two people who fall unexpectedly in love; one who has a second chance to re-live her eternity to the fullest in a fictional recreation of the 80s, given the fact that this was the era in real-life, where she actually became a paraplegic at the age of 20 and lived the rest of her life in an unresponsive state; and another, whose husband in real-life did not believe in the concept of an afterlife hence did not buy into the after-life programme, leaving her alone in this man-made landscape and wondering if her promise to him should still hold true.

Whilst the story marvels at modern technology, ethics and uncomfortably questions your core belief base of whether an after-life exists, the idea is still, intriguing.

If you had a chance to be uploaded to a utopian landscape and to an era of your choosing, a time and place where you were your happiest self, where you thought time could stay still forever, what would that be, and who would you hope to find within it?


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