Kazahana in Wanchai – Glass Grill Teppanyaki, Sushi and Sashimi

Here’s a lovely new Japanese restaurant that I recently discovered in Hong Kong’s Queen’s Road area in Wan Chai.

Kazahana is essentially a  Teppanyaki and Sushi restaurant that combines a casual ground floor eatery (seats 35) with private VIP rooms for 6 to 12, a more intimate Teppanyaki salon (seats 22) on the second floor and an impressive Sushi and Sashimi restaurant (seats 35) on the third floor.

The concept seamlessly brings together the skills and combined experience of two pedigree Chefs – Sushi Head Chef Milton Lau, previously from the michelin-starred Ginza Kyubey restaurant in Tokyo, reputed to be the best sushi restaurant in Japan and Teppanyaki Head Chef Choco Chan, previously from the one michelin-starred, I M Teppanyaki and Wine in Hong Kong, known for their use of top notch ingredients and grill specialties.

I headed there with a few friends for Teppanyaki and ended up sharing the Abalone, Boston Lobster Teppanyaki Course (HK$1,480 for 2 persons) which proved good value for money considering how fresh the live catch was.

What arrived was a hearty Appetiser followed by South African Abalone, Boston Lobster, Sliced US Sirloin Beef, Fried Rice and Dessert – a substantial meal indeed with a nice amount of flair and drama in terms of food theatre as everything was prepared, laid out and cooked ala minute on a state of the art glass grill rather than on the usual Teppanyaki metal hot stove tops that one expects to see in a traditional Teppanyaki place.

For Teppanyaki connoisseurs or those out for a more lavish treat, there is a more elaborate shared menu for 2 that goes up to HK$2,680 and includes 3 kinds of Sashimi, a King Crab Salad, Japanese Snapper, Abalone and Wagyu Beef and ends with a King Crab Congee and dessert.

You can also order add ons like the  Jumbo King Prawn which feature grilled king prawns drizzled with a sauce made with Japanese Sea Urchin and Truffle oil that give this dish an amazingly rich flavour.

The Salon itself is small, cosy and intimate and a good choice if you are hosting a fairly private dinner party and there are four private stations that seat groups of up to 4 to 7 that you can reserve.

A lunch set is also available daily at HK$188 per person featuring a Cod Fish Teppanyaki Set Lunch. Teppanyaki Set Dinners per person are available starting at HK$980 per person.

If its sushi you are hankering for then third floor eatery serves sushi and sashimi. Must tries we hear, are the Sushi Omakase Set at HK$1,200 per person where the selection of fish is seasonal and sliced in a unique style to maximize freshness.

KAZAHANA is at 83 Queen’s Road East, Portwealth Centre, Wan Chai.

Open daily Lunch from 12 to 1430 pm Dinner from 1800 to 2230 pm.                                     Reservations at +852 2865 7177.                                                                                                                                         Email: kazahanainfo@kazahanahk.com                                                                                                     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kazahanahk


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