CNY Takeaway Treats in Singapore

As always, we like to take the festivities home and celebrate with family. So we’re listing out delectable CNY takeaways that restaurants around Singapore are offering the home-loving but kitchen-shirking hostess with the mostest. We’ll update this post with more finds as we go along, so pop in often to see what else we have unearthed. Here goes:


For offal fans, Man Fu Yuan of the Intercontinental Singapore is offering a double-boiled Pig Tripe Soup with Seafood ($128 for 5 people), which is packed with Sri Lankan crab, prawns, chicken, pig stomach, chestnuts and gingko nuts, and double-boiled for 6 hours. If you have a small gathering, get the smoked duck with tea leaves and tong gui ($88) and rice casserole with assorted preserved meat ($88). As gifts, get the steamed yam cake with roasted duck meat ($28) and the restaurant’s famous XO Chilli Sauce ($38) stuffed with dried scallops, dried shrimps, dried sole fish, salted fish and cured ham. We’re happy the sauce is making a comeback after a few years’ absence.
Tel: 6825 1007 or email



Treasure pots are great for festive meals because they are impressive, filling and you don’t need many other dishes to fill up stomachs. Crystal Jade’s Prosperity abalone treasure pot ($248 for 5 / $428 for 10 people), stuffed with 16 types of ingredients including fish maw, fresh prawns, oysters, dried mushrooms and ten-head abalone, would fit the bill. Other treats that can also double-up as CNY gifts are the Eternal bliss sampling platter ($39.80) comprising carrot cake, yam cake, water chestnut cake, egg cake and glutinous rice cake, and the gold leaf double fish glutinous rice cake ($43.80) which will also make a great centrepiece.


We are such fans of Goodwood Park Hotel’s CNY cake, and it’s pretty obvious the chefs in their pastry kitchens have a great sense of fun. This year, they’ve rolled out the Auspicious Golden Pineapple ($94.15 nett, 1kg) which would make a grand conversation piece at your CNY table. The gilded beauty is 9 inches tall, with 5 layers of vanilla pound cake with buttercream sandwiched in-between. (“May you have an abundance of wealth and glitz all year round.”) If that’s not enough, get their giant Huat! pineapple tart ($40.65) measuring 6.5 inches across. For the ultimate, artery-hardening indulgence, chill your beers and break out a bottle of two of the hotel’s Spicy Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Root Chips, generously coated in a sinful salted egg yolk crust.
Tel: 6730 1786 or log onto


If you are happy to splurge on a grand-gesture CNY gift, the shop at Grand Hyatt Singapore’s mezza9 has a a 100-piece chocolate praline set called “100 Blessings of Good Fortune” ($288 nett). It features 100 different styles of the Chinese character 福, including some that date back to early Qing dynasty (221-206 BC). Behind these scholarly words are dark, milk and white Swiss chocolates encasing six different flavours such as cognac, earl grey, mint, mocha, orange, and peanut butter. Particularly suitable for the food-loving Chinese scholar among us!
Tel: 6732 1234 or log onto


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