City Guide: Five Favourite Places To Eat In Macau

Macau is to Hong Kongers what JB is probably to the foodie Singaporean and there is no doubt that its casinos are filled with top culinary brand names from around the world. But if you are there to just get a bit of your regular Macanese, Portuguese or Spanish fare, then here are a few of places that I venture to whenever I visit.

Dom Galo 

If you missed our earlier review – look for it HERE. The rstaurant is walking distance from the MGM Hotel and is a hit with locals.

My favourite thing to order here is the Clams that come in a thick creamy sauce, the African Chicken, the Gambas Style Garlic King Prawns and the Beef Short Ribs.

Theme these with a pitcher of their Sangria and for dessert, a helping of their homemade Serrandura which comes served like a slice of cake and their Chocolate Mousse and your visit is satisfyingly complete.

Note that on Public Holidays there is a 20% service charge!

Dom Galo                                                                                                                                                          Address: is at 32 Avenida Sir Anders Ljungstedt, Macau                                                                                         Telephone: (853)28751383

A Lorcha 

A very popular local restaurant, A Lorcha is an interesting nook that in my opinion serves the most delicious and authentic Portuguese food.

I like the ambience in this fairly small but cosy restaurant that has been decorated to look like the interior of a ship or an old Portuguese junk (known as a Lorcha vessel).

When there go for the Seafood Rice. Actually, all their rice dishes which come in porridge format are done really well because the broth is both hearty and flavourful and the ingredients are generous but this particular one, is a speciality for them.

They also have a very good Stewed Oxtail and their Fried Prawns with Garlic, Pig Ears in Coriander and Prawn Curries are highly recommended.

A delicious ending is their Serrandura which comes in an old fashioned ice cream glass. I just love the layers of fine biscuit crumbs that make this dessert, totally calorie-worthy!

Note that the place is closed on Tuesdays!

A Lorcha
Address: Av. Almirante Sergio, no. 289 AA, G/F, Macau
Telephone: (853) 2831 3193 or (853) 2831 3195


I have to admit that its been some time since I last visited Fernandos simply because its slightly off the beaten track, location wise. But this place is a hit with the Macanese expats and locals alike and a reservation is highly recommended.

The place has a beach bar type atmosphere with a spacious outdoor area that doubles up as an alfresco bar for drinks whilst you wait for a table. Inside is spacious and the red-checked table clothes remind me of both an old style Italian restaurant and walking into Pizza Hut in the 1980s!

In terms of food, I remember the Suckling Pig, the Roasted Chicken, the Chorizo served with olives, the Sangria and their sugary donuts  being outstanding. The bitch was the after dinner task of finding a taxi back to civilisation but apparently there is a bus stop that takes you back to civilization although I am rather unsure where exactly it stops.

Fernando                                                                                                                                 Address: 9 Hac Sa Beach, Coloane Macau                                                                                  Telephone: (853) 2888 2264

Casa De Tapas

I consider Casa De Tapas one of my favourite Tapas restaurants in this part of the world. Almost every dish is amazing (to me at least) and the place is usually fully booked on the weekends.

The restaurant is located in an old Macanese house in Taipa Village and is actually run by a group of Spanish chefs. Expect well presented favourites like their Mozarabic Grilled Lamb presented on stone slates with delightful sauces, grilled vegetables and condiments.

Their Spanish Style Potatoes filled with paprika and topped with apple mayonnaise, the Roast Suckling Pig, Charcoal Grilled Black Angus Beef, Paella and Iberico Pork are all must-orders.

There also is a good selection of cheese, a good wine and innovative cocktail list.

Casa De Tapas                                                                                                                                 Address: Rua dos Clérigos No.9, Taipa, Macau
Phone: (853) 2857 6626

Bar Celona Tapas & Rice

Found this place on my most recent visit to Macau. If you are a Trip Advisor fan, you will note that Bar Celona ranks Number 3 on the list of top restaurants in Macau.

Another smallish restaurant, it is accessible by taxi and located off the Hotel belt. We got lost as our Taxi did not quite know where to stop us but the Restaurant Manager was lovely. He walked out to the road to get us and two minutes later, we were seated and ready to order.

Owner Antonio, hails from a Hotel F&B background and together with a Spanish Chef decided to open their own little piece of tapas heaven in a less touristy location in the hope of keeping the prices reasonable.

I was impressed by the Lobster promotion that they had on which included a Lobster Risotto with a free jug of Sangria. I narrowly missed the chance to order the last lobster for the evening so I settled for the Paella instead which turned out to be amazing!! The broth used to cook the paella had a lovely, hearty and rich texture that almost tasted like they had used beef stock rather than chicken although the rice was slightly too crunchy (which I personally liked but may not be everyone’s favourite).

I also had an amazing Tomato and Salmon Starter and an absolutely juicy and pink cut of Grilled Pork which was served with a side of mustard and definitely the evening’s highlight.

If you are a Sardine fan, try theirs which is deep fried in batter and was crispy and light so much that you might just mistake to for a plate of white bait! The Sangria was also excellent!

Note: Have the restaurant number handy if you hail a cab to get there. It is not easy to find and the staff can give your cab driver instructions if you are lost.  Kudos to the staff for their excellent service, helpful recommendations and yes, at the end of the meal, you can rely on them to hail a cab back for you.

Bar Celona Tapas & Rice                                                                                                                          Address:Rua da Venceslau de Morais, No. 16, Edif. Industrial Fu Tai Res-Do-Chao B, Macau
Tel: (853) 2872 1084


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