Best Place For Sushi And Origami For Kids

Here’s a great place for a weekend lunch with Kids especially if you want a light and easy intro to Japanese cuisine and something for them to do whilst the adults chat.

We walked into Shiro at Pacific Place (next to Great supermarket) in Hong Kong, last week to try their new menu for Juniors and I also got to enjoy the new items added on to their innovative Crystal Sushi menu which we wrote about a few months back. Look out for my story piece on that soon.

Back to ‘babies’ … the new Junior Menu is fun and an adventure in eating different types of food especially if you have a young child that you would like to introduce Japanese food to.

I liked the fact that its not just one thing on the menu and the restaurant did not try to reduce it to serving Japanese food on cute plates and cups with ‘kawaii’ Hello Kitty cutlery. Instead, they took the trouble to size the adult portions down, offering some nicely thought through selections on what kids would like to eat, making this a more sophisticated introduction to Japanese 101.

My daughter is only just starting to eat raw as somehow her stomach always turns renegade with undercooked food. We picked the Sakana Sushi Set (HK$128) which featured mini sized sushi from mini salmon to tomago and prawn sushi complete with miso soup and orange juice. A great choice – as besides the sushi being small and cute – each piece is served as a bite sized piece – each sushi order is also unlimited. So, if your child likes one variety more than another, order another piece and so on.

We also ordered a Bento Box which was actually almost as generous as the adult-sized portion as that offered a lot of cooked items. Offering good variety and flavour, there are two boxes to choose from:  the Chocho Junior Bento Box filled with tasty prawn katsu, chicken karaage and udon noodles or the Tatsu Junior Bento Box with prawn and vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki ball and udon noodle soup. Each Bento Box is only HK$98.

Otherwise, if your child is into finger foods, then the posh little Mini Temaki Handrolls made for children only are from HK$15 per piece. Kids can choose to have salmon, crab and avocado, freshwater eel, Japanese omelette or cucumber.

And whilst the adults are busy chatting, each Shiro menu also turns into an origami art piece and activity for the kids.

If the service staff are not too busy, they will even come fold the pieces with your little one. Now that’s what I call service!

Shiro is at two locations in Hong Kong at: 

Shiro Pacific Place – LG1, Two Pacific Place, 88 Queensway
Admiralty, Hong Kong
Reservations : +852 2117 9481
Shiro TaiKoo Place – Lincoln House, 979 King’s Road
TaiKoo Place, Hong Kong
Reservations : +852 2116 4969



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