Groupon Adventures: Exploring Yuen Long By Bike

This is actually the second time I have taken a chance on a Groupon adventure! I mean this is the second successful adventure (see the first here) that I have gone on in Hong Kong using a Groupon ticket that I bought online. I have to say that I have become a bit of a Groupon fan with these little exploratory trips meant to discover the hidden bits in Hong Kong that I would not otherwise have ventured out to find.

It all started when I was looking for something to do in March for my husband’s birthday. The family likes cycling, so a cycling adventure was what I looked out for and I found one that allowed us to cycle to a few organic farms in the New Territories out in Yuen Long. It included Lunch and stop overs at some historically interesting sites and it was almost a whole day affair for only about HK$185 (SG$32) per person. So I bought 3 tickets! But in Hong Kong, the weather is never predictable and with my hubby’s crazy travel schedule and the cold and wet weather lasting much longer this year, I finally only had the chance to use it in May.

May came along and as predicted, my husband was scheduled to go away on work so with nothing to do on the Mothers’ Day weekend, my daughter and I decided a mummy and daughter adventure was the order of the day. And indeed our little Groupon gamble turned out to be an extremely hot and humid but incredibly fun Sunday.

What you can expect, if you book a Groupon Tour in Hong Kong, like this one.

The itinerary:
→9:30am Assembly at Yuen Long Exit A
→ Cycling in Nam Sang Wai
→ Boat trip
→ Lunch at King Fai Farm
→ Visit old villages
→ Kam Tin Country Club
→ 4:30pm Dismiss at Yuen Long MTR

We met at the meeting point wondering why everyone else turned up wearing long sleeves from head to toe except us. It was a really hot day so we were puzzled but the truth came to light later in the afternoon when we found out that covering up kept out the many sand flies that we were to encounter along the ride. Attracted to sweat and heat, open pores taste like honey to sandflies!

Our first stop was to collect our bikes from a bike shop in Yuen Long. At the shop, we decided to get baskets for our bikes as it was such a hot day and we did not feel like having the back pack clinging to our backs.

We had to cycle to a point where the ferry could carry us across the water to start our tour of the organic farms and the start of the cycling trail in Nam Sang Wai.

Once across we cycle on the dirt tracks as there are no roads. We cycle to a clearing between an avenue of trees and stop for a break and to take some photos!

We cycle on and reach our first stop an organic farm. The farm grows and sells vegetables but all we could think of at this point is to get a drink or an ice lolly to combat the incredible humidity!

We cycled on to our lunch venue, King Fai Farm. I was glad to stop as it was a really hot day. We parked our bikes neatly outside the restaurant and Roy, our very experienced bicycle tour guide checks that the bikes are all safely secured together.


Lunch was good. Either that or we were famished but for a tour priced like this, the food was simple, had good variety and was all around very decent.


After lunch we headed out to the old villages that I would have otherwise never discovered on my own. Our first stop, a well known temple in one of the outlying villages. From here we wandered by foot into the old village that seemed abandoned.

A banyan tree that had wrapped its roots around the metal structures of a building.

Getting back on our bikes, we rode to the next stop, was to a village in Yuen Long that apparently the Tang family (David Tang owner of Shanghai Tang’s family) built and lived in.

The Tangs built schools for martial arts and for scholars in that village.

We sat at the desks and pretended to be students








Another school that they built for Martial Arts.

Some of the weapons used to practice were so heavy that they were almost impossible to lift let along wield










The exploring made us hungry. The last stop was another half an hour on till we got to a Tau Fu Fah or Soya Bean Curd dessert stop before heading back to return the bikes. Definitely a great end to a fab day and a super way to explore Hong Kong for 8 hours (9.30am to 4.30pm) for less than HK$200 or SG$40!



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