Food Trends: Have You Tried Crystal Sushi?

I had no idea that there were different types of sushi for Summer and Winter. Sushi has pretty much always been sushi to me. But apparently the warmer days ahead in Hong Kong have sparked the imagination and creativity of Japanese chefs here with a new concept called Crystal Sushi.

The Chefs at Hong Kong’s, Shiro restaurant, part of the upmarket chain of Japanese restaurants under the Aqua Group, have used innovative techniques to create different textures, tastes and by infusing flavour into a distinctively flavoured crystal jelly sushi piece that sits on top of each piece of sushi served. Flavours like sake, aji sauce and even rose petals have been infused into the crystal portions of the sushi and are so intense that diners are even encouraged to eat the crystal sushi without the usual soy sauce dip.

The concept was introduced last year at Shiro and brought back again by popular demand with the launch of a few NEW crystal sushi items!

NEW! Salmon Roe with Minced Scallop (HK$75 for 2 pcs)
NEW! Beetroot Crystal Skin Taraba (HK$95 for 2 pcs)
NEW! Japanese Aji Cod Fish Roe (HK$75 for 2 pcs)
Bluefin Tuna with Japanese Dashi Jelly Sushi
Deluxe Scallop with Caviar and Sake Rose Jelly Sushi
Wagyu Beef with Leeks Onion and Black Truffle Jelly


Crystal Sushi is available on the ala carte menu at Shiro Hong Kong at Pacific Place and Taikoo for Lunch and Dinner.


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