Restaurant Review: Dom Galo, Macau

Living in Hong Kong, I find myself crossing over to Macau quite often for a weekend getaway. Not that there is much respite as Macau is as crowded as Hong Kong but recently, I have been adventurous in venturing out on to the streets, outside the five-star hotels to discover delightful new places to eat and one of these was a small place about two streets down from the MGM Hotel called Dom Galo.

A Singaporean friend that I recently met who moved to Macau recommended it as a spot that the local Macanese love because of the simple and hearty fare, the good prices and the unpretentious service.

From garish racing car colours to a hanging chandelier and false hacienda style hanging balconies filled with stuffed toys, Dom Galo is definitely interesting

He did warn that the place had a odd flavour in terms of the decor which turned out to be a riot of garish colours, stuffed toys in the balcony, Portuguese paintings and bric brac which I thought (when we visited) was rather quirky, if not comical and charming. If food is the focus and nothing else then this is most definitely where I would head to on my next trip back to Macau.

I was told that the name ‘Dom Galo’ means ‘chicken’ in Portuguese. The mascot on their menu in that restaurant is a chicken and there is a little story about it on the menu which essentially serves Portuguese food done Macanese style. What that means exactly, my friend could not explain, neither could the staff and when I actually tried the fare, I figured it was the Chef taking local traditional favourites and incorporating them with a Portuguese style flair into the menu.

We arrived for lunch, definitely way too early to have a drink but I could not resist ordering the Sangria which I saw another group of diners having at the next table. We opted for half a carafe but regretted our decision immediately as it was just so good! It had just the right amount of alcohol and fruit to give it that sweet but tangy kick leaving you with that tiny bit of a happy high so much that I was even tempted to order another round but decided wisely to practice some restraint (which would not have been the case if I did not have a day of other activities ahead).

This was what I rated as a ‘must-order’ dish. It was one of the best Cream Clam dishes that I had ever tried. Think of thick, creamy sauce that tastes like heavy cream and mayo with chicken stock and herbs sprinkled over easy drizzled onto clams. A basket of crusty bread comes with this dish to soak up the cream which made this dish perfection for me.

Another winner was the African Chicken. I would never have thought to order this dish that my friend recommended. It looked like an ala carte option but I agree with him that this was delicious to the boot and went great with rice, fries or just on its own and could be cut into bits and shared as the portion was generous.

Wanting to go easy on the carbs, I did not order any of their famous rice dishes as I have to admit that the calorie-worthy Cream Clams and bread had already taken up whatever space I had in my tummy. So instead we ended our order with this well-spiced Garlic and Lemon Prawn dish that came served on a bed of boiled and light mashed potatoes.

You can’t go to a Portuguese restaurant and not order the dessert. I wanted the original Serrandura which is the layered biscuit and cream dessert cake that the traditional restaurants serve, but my 11 year old daughter opted for the Cookies and Cream version which turned out just as good!

Thats the address in local if you ever need it and the phone number which I shall keep handy for my next trip back!


Dom Galo is at 32 Avenida Sir Anders Ljungstedt, Macau, China, Tel: (853)28751383


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