Food Trends: Introducing The Japanese Salad Cake!

When is a cake not a cake? When its disguised as a salad! I guess for those on a diet, this is having your cake and eating it, literally. However seen and said, I’m guessing this will catch on and we will see this served up in Tokyo next, New York and LA after, then Hong Kong and Singapore. I’m talking about ベジデコサラダ(r)or Vegedeco Salad® – the latest food trend in Japan where a cake is not a cake but actually a healthy salad. Open in Sakae, Nagoya, the Vegedeco Cafe® served its first ‘salad cake’ yesterday.

Everything that has gone into its making is healthy and that there is probably no or if any (little) sugar in any of these creations. The ‘cake’ is gluten free and low carb!

Apparently the cakes are glazed with either tofu or cream cheese, before they are blended with vegetables to make them look like frosting and the ‘sponge’ part of the lunch is created using natural ingredients like soybean flour.

Created by a Japanese food designer, Mitsuki Moriyasu, whose aim was to combine health and beauty, the Vegedeco Salad®, a salad made in a form of a delicious cake, was sold for the first time in a cafe located in Sakae, Nagoya yesterday (5th April 2016) although the concept was created a year ago but slowly evolved and became so popular that a cafe was opened to cater to the growing demand.

Several kinds of Vegedeco Salad® can be ordered and the vegetables included in each salad have been carefully chosen for their good and natural Phytochemical effects. Drinks wise there is a “Vegedrop Tea” at ¥600 (¥648 including tax) to enjoy which has been made using all parts of the vegetables like roots, leaves, peels for an antioxidant and detox effect.

The Vegedeco Cafe offers different variations of their salads with themes based on the colour of the selected vegetables like the “Pastel Violet” Vegedeco Salad® and the “Lotus Pink” Vegedeco Salad® – both ¥800 (¥856 including tax). There is also a “Vegedeco Premium” at ¥1100 (¥1188including tax) made from superfoods. The salad cakes are enjoyed with an original Koji (Japanese sake starter mould) dressing.

There are also low carbohydrate and gluten free foods, like the “Koji Soufflead” (soufflé and bread combination) and the “Daizu Madeleine” both made with soy flour produced in Japan.

There are also Birthday Vegedeco Salad® 15cm cakes from ¥5600 (¥6048 including tax).

Vegedeco Salad® Cafe
Open daily from 11:30am – 16:00pm (Last Order 15:30pm)
Nagoya-shi Naka-ku Nishiki 3-17-5 Contact : 052ー951ー9220


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