Restaurant Review : Clinton Street Bakery in Singapore

Clinton Street Bakery is synonymous with and revered for its legendary pancakes in New York City. I didn’t make it there while in NYC last November, but I got to snort in some absolutely divine, super fluffy, buttery blueberry pancakes at its newly opened outlet in Singapore. Yup, they actually opened a franchise here and promised to make it true to the original temple of NY brunch greats. Located in a pre-war shophouse right next to the Raffles Hotel, the stylish little cafe serves it well known menu of American comfort food with a southern touch.

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant bar counter Singapore - Copy

One of the rare cafes that open at 8am for breakfast (school moms rejoice!), Clinton Street Bakery just has to go on your list of places to go after dropping your darlings off at school.

Within this airy, comfy, contemporary cafe, the pancakes with warm maple butter and blueberries is a must-try. These pancakes come in a stack of three, each of them super fluffy, buttery, light and fall-off-your-chair wonderful. The blueberry compote is just right, not too sweet or thick.

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant - Southern Breakfast

The southern breakfast was all right. It comes with cheese grits, fried green tomatoes crisply coated in a light batter, candied bacon and eggs done the way you like. We had a good scrambled eggs. The cheese grits are essentially cheesy oats done thick and creamy. It’s something you either like or not. I am no great fan, but that’s my personal taste. As grits go, it was pretty good. The green tomatoes were really good – a tight, crisp layer on the outside, sinking into a juicy, firm but sweet layer. Nice. The candied bacon served here are coated in maple syrup – gently sweet and very thinly sliced. It’s also served as a side dish which you can order a la carte, which we highly recommend.

Clinton Street Bakery’s other sides a lovely house cured salmon ($12), and an indifferent rosemary pork sausage ($7). Of these, my fave was the candied bacon, followed closely by the rather forlorn looking but surprisingly good, rather unevenly cut twice cooked, heavenly fries ($7).

Every new cafe with a brunch menu would have eggs benedict these days, and Clinton Street Bakery does not disappoint. The eggs were perfectly poached, with nice runny yolks, and served on toasted, crumbly rich buttermilk biscuits.

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant - selection of pies and cakes

If you want to load on more calories and fat, get the shamelessly rich shakes like peanut butter shake ($10) or the boozy salted caramel laced with bourbon ($15) and the cakes. My favourite was the black and white cake ($9.50), a tall, multilayered monster of a slice, with a substantial bite and just nicely sweet. For the sweet toothed, get the peanut butter ice box ($9.50) — a crumbly graham cracker crust topped with chocolate ganache and a whopping layer of peanut butter mousse. It’s unapologetically indulgent.

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant - Chicken & Waffles

Clinton Street Bakery is a good place for brekkie, but be warned that lunch is full house. Mains (which I didn’t try) include southern faves like chicken and waffles ($21) its signature, buttermilk fried chicken ($25) and seafood po’boy (21) – catch of the day sandwiched in French roll.

The restaurant also has a good drinks menu too with classic cocktails like Mojito, Mimosa and Bellini.

Clinton Street Bakery doesn’t take reservations unfortunately, and on busy days, the queue can be an hour long. But leave your name in the queue and they’ll call you when it’s your turn. Factor in an hour’s wait. For Sundays, inside sources say that getting here before 10am is best.

31 Purvis Street


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