Restaurant Review: The Fabulous Baker Boy – Great Cakes in the Park


The Fabulous Baker Boy at the foot of Fort Canning serves some of the best cakes in town. I went there earlier this year for a tasting and have been back a number of times since, dragging the family along and always having a great time there.

The small, glass encased cafe has a lovely location surrounded by the park that was once a public swimming pool. In fact the cafe stands in what used to be the swimming pool’s canteen and the kitchen is where the changing rooms were.

A61A9595 - Copy
On any day, TFBB has over 20 cakes and pies all made in its kitchen, and temptingly presented on cake stands lined up on the side board. It is a sight for swooning. It is hard to decide on just one slice, and angst, one must, over the prospect of a dying diet.


The cakes here are unabashedly tall and huge slices, the cake soft, yielding and light, but with enough weight to make it very satisfying. The icing is generous but not overwhelming, sweet but not cloying. I have a few favourites. Topping the list is Big Lub’s Carrot Cake, a lightly textured cake laden with carrot, coconut, walnuts and cranberry, and the necessary cream cheese topping. (It is so far rivalled only by the signature carrot cake at Tin Hill Social.) Carribean Lemon is another luscious cake, with coconut and lemon cream, and Nutty Monkey, a universal favourite I think, comprising coconut, banana, peanut butter and chocolate. You can’t go wrong with that.


Love Cecilia’s Sugee Brandy cake with its substantial, slightly grainy texture, lots of brandy and touches of cranberries, and finally Pam d’Or a gateau of brown butter sponge and Medjool dates and spices, and layers of butterscotch and cream cheese.

TFBB incidentally is owned by Juwanda Hassan, chef and theatre star who has been a familiar face in the Singapore theatre scene for ages. You’ll always see him there, cooking or helping out at the tables, and adding that extra ‘spark’ to TFBB. If you can, try to stop him and say ‘hi’.

IMG_8221 - Copy

While TFBB’s main attaction is cake, Juwanda recently rolled out a dinner and lunch menu too. The food is comfort, soul stuff — like steak and frites, fish and chips, as well as an excellent grilled cheese sandwich.

IMG_9304 - Copy

I have dined there a few times, and I recommend the escargot and smoked salmon salad for starters, then do the duck confit, steak and frites, salmon and chilli crab mac n cheese for mains. Keep more than enough space for dessert please.

Good to know: Parking can be tricky. What we do is part of Liang Court and trudge over. Being located in a park and with comfort food on the menu, this is a very family friendly place, especially if you have young kids who need space to run about. For stay-home moms, this is a good spot to meet the girls for brunch too.

The Foothills (of Fort Canning)
70 River Valley Road #01-15
Singapore 179037
(opposite Liang Court)
Tel: 66948336


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