Restaurant Review: Sopra Cucina, A Hidden Gem off Orchard Road


More people should know about Sopra Cucina. A beautiful Italian restaurant in a backstreet behind Palais Renaissance, it is easy to miss this hidden gem. No, it doesn’t help that Sopra Cucina is next to seedy Orchard Towers but think about it rather as being on the first floor of the Pan Pacific Orchard — which indeed it is.

Take the effort to go there, and we are sure you would be glad you did. No ordinary Italian restaurant, Sopra Cucina serves up a menu of Sardinian cuisine – perhaps the only restaurant in Singapore to do specialise in this. Prices are very reasonable and the decor really quite beautiful inside: leather blanquettes, dark wood and glass accents, black and white photos evoke the sense of postwar Italian glamour. Think  Sophia Loren and Federico Fellini.


Have the unusual Biscotto di Pecorino ($22) to start. Bread-like and stuffed with warm, melted percorino, then drizzled with honey, it is a little sweet and savoury, with a puffy-firm bite. A typical Sardinian dish, this is not often seen on Italian menus elsewhere. We haven’t until now.

At $28++, the nine-inch Pizza Sopra was most enjoyable, with a good dough which strikes the middle ground between thin crust and thick. It was nice, and would make a hit with the kids. But indeed, nothing to get the connoisseurs falling off their chairs.


A unique pasta dish to try at Sopra Cucina is the Malloreddus alla Campidanese ($25++), a traditional Sardinian  pasta made of semolina. At first glance, it looked like broad beans. Delectable, al dente and with served with a thick, tomato-based rosemary pork sauce, it is a dish that is pretty unique, and a good comfort food.


But for the bigger appetites, have the Porcheddu Sardo ($48++), or traditional Sardinian suckling pig. It is a generous 400g worth of juicy, tender meat with a significant layer of fat, and topped with crackling, and served with roasted potatoes. The dessert of tiramisu ($10++) may be predictable, but it was well done — nice and rich and thick.


Come Wednesday nights, Sopra Cucina offers free flow prosecco at S$25++ for the ladies from 7-9pm. Worth noting, the restaurant’s Sunday brunch is great for those who want to imbibe but not go overboard. At $88++ it features a substantial (though not huge) buffet offering some of its signatures, as well as free flow prosecco and wines.

10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540
Tel: 67373253


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