Restaurant Review: Scott 27 – Classic Private Dining at Affordable Prices

If you’re jaded by the usual restaurant offerings around town — and many are rubber stamping each other these days — then Scotts 27 is really something different. It’s exclusive private dining — reservations only, it’s set in a lovely black and white with its own sprawling back garden, and most surprisingly, it’s not crazily expensive. Run by St Julien duo, Julien Bompard and Edith Lai-Bompard, this restaurant is not just popular with the corporates (unsurprisingly), but also with families too. Now that’s unexpected.


First things first, for an exclusive, private experience here, the minimum spend of S$168++ per person is surprisingly accessible. Please jot this down as a possible venue for Mum or Dad’s next birthday, or fancy celebration. It’s also a hit with weddings (gorgeously lush garden at the back), corporate events (meeting rooms upstairs) and tai-tai’s who tea over a private viewing of diamonds from their personal supplier (broad air-conditioned verandah  upstairs for tete-a-tete). All private and all requiring advance reservations.

Unlike most trend loving restaurants opening up these days, the Bompards have opted for classic elegance for Scotts 27. Service is discreet and professional rather than slick, and as you walk through the house, it is quiet and tranquil, though like the library, you feel obliged to keep your voice down. While you do feel like you’re a guest in someone’s house, it’s more likely a rich recluse’s house where you see only the staff but not the master.


Dining is in the four private rooms, of which the Heritage Room, for me, was the prettiest, decked with lots of luscious French and Chinese furniture and antiques (look out for the French mahjong set and beautiful Chinese hanging lamp).

It was quiet when we were there for lunch on a Monday. The four course began with lobster on a light avocado guacamole, well complemented with a lively orange dressing on peppery frisee and fennel chips.  Then came a rich ‘soft scrambled eggs’ with a consistency almost of a rich cream. These eggs were slowly fried at 82C, then laced with an intensely flavourful  bacon emulsion and topped with a generous slice of foie gras. All very luxurious, full of wonderful delectables, and indeed delicious, but it came close to being too much of a good thing.


For me, the highlight of the lunch was the roasted quail with caramelized onions, served and carved at the table. The quail was a classic, but very nicely done indeed — nicely tender yet with a juicy, deliciously firm bite from the fine-grained meat, and complemented by earthy mushrooms.

For dessert, another classic — crepe Suzette prepared at the tableside, made with Grand Marnier and Chantilly by Edith herself. Yes it may seem a little old fashioned, but it’s not funky dining here, but good, timeless cuisine, Edith tells us. And for that, and the genteel, unique experience here, with good pricing, it’s got our vote.

Tel: (65) 6737 0895
27 Scotts Road, Singapore 228222


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